TheOneILove_still5_ElisabethMoss_MarkDuplass It’s a goddamn bumper crop of movies on Spoilerpiece Theatre this week. We’ve got “The Last of Robin Hood,” which only Kris has seen, “The Congress,” which Dave and Kris saw (and kind of wish they hadn’t), and Evan saw “The One I Love” and delights in spoiling the hell out of it. In fact, this many be the first case of spoiling in history that got Dave and Kris to reeeeeally want to see a movie. There are also plenty of tangents and some anti-Connecticut sentiments throughout.

Listen: Spoilerpiece Theatre #8

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Listen: “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” and “If I Stay” on Spoilerpiece Theatre episode #6!


Kris and Evan shower appreciation on Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City: A Damn to Kill For" while Dave hates it (loudly). There’s also some talk of "If I Stay,” the few things it gets right, and the one billion things it gets wrong. Plus, the guys get into a tangent on Quentin Tarantino (the word “masturbatory” is used more than once).

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"The Expendables 3" and Robin WIlliams on Spoilerpiece Theatre #5


Did you miss Spoilerpiece Theatre last week? Fear not! Listen now! We talk about Robin Williams, who died on Aug. 11, 2014, and get in some digs at “The Expendables 3,” even though we had more fun watching it than we should have.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Get On Up" this Friday on Spoilerpiece Theatre!

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"Lucy" and "Hellion" on this week’s episode of the Spoilerpiece Theatre podcast!

Your hosts Evan Crean, Kris Jenson, and I are back to talk about movies on our podcast “Spoilerpiece Theatre.” This week we talk about Luc Besson’s “Lucy” and Kat Chandler’s “Hellion.”

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Worst movie ever (?): “Third Person” by Paul Haggis

This review first appeared in the San Antonio Current on July 9, 2014.

July is generally too early to pick the worst movie of the year, but Third Person is so bad it ranks as one of the worst movies ever made. That’s not hyperbole, and it’s not an attempt to take away from Ed Wood, director of the immortal schlock shitfest Plan 9 from Outer Space. Here’s the key difference: Wood was incompetent. Third Person’s writer and director, Paul Haggis, is not.

Or maybe we just think he’s not. This is the guy, after all, who co-created Walker, Texas Ranger. While writing bad TV is not necessarily a harbinger of bad movies to come, it’s time to reevaluate Haggis.

There’s Million Dollar Baby, which Haggis adapted from a collection of short stories and Clint Eastwood directed to admittedly great and affecting Oscar-winning brilliance. But even that movie has lines like this: “Then Frankie did something he hated doing; he took a chance.”

There’s the James Bond reboot Casino Royale (good, which Haggis co-wrote) and its sequel, Quantum of Solace (shit, which he likewise co-wrote).